Avalanche’s AVAX Token Remains Flat Ahead of its $130 Million Token Unlock

More than 9.3 million tokens will be unlocked Sunday, representing 1.2% of AXAX’s total supply. read more

Shiba Inu Trader Turns $2,625 To $1.1 Million – Here’s How They Did It

The crypto community’s attention has been drawn to a Shiba Inu trader who made over $1 million from the meme coin. This trader is seen to have made such life-changing gains thanks to their foresight and fortitude in holding the meme coin for such a long time. How This Shiba Inu Trader Turned $2,625 To read more

Crypto Investment Products See Over $1 Billion Inflows in a Week with BTC, ETH, and SOL Standing Out

Cryptocurrency investment products saw over $1.05 billion in inflows over the past week with Bitcoin (BTC) products seeing $1.012 billion and Ethereum focused products seeing $35.5 million of inflows. According to CoinShares’ latest Digital Asset Fund Flows report, other altcoin investment products saw inflows with Solana (SOL) products standing out after seeing $8 million of read more

Bitcoin ETFs Drive Record Highs in Bitcoin Prices

Spot Bitcoin ETFs attracted strong volumes, pushing Bitcoin to record highs. BlackRock's funds made significant purchases of BTC ETFs, primarily IBIT. Continue Reading: Bitcoin ETFs Drive Record Highs in Bitcoin Prices read more

Opera Adopts Google Gemini to Power Its Browser AI Assistant, Image Generator

The popular alternative web browser offers a solid alternative to Microsoft's Edge AI integration. read more

Crypto Whales Abruptly Accumulate Ethereum-Based Altcoin Sending Volume to Highest Level in 22 Months: Santiment

Crypto whales have been gobbling up an Ethereum (ETH)-based fan engagement token, according to the analytics firm Santiment. Chiliz (CHZ) is a web3 infrastructure provider for sports and entertainment. The project’s native token, CHZ, is up nearly 2% in the past 24 hours, more than 14% in the past week and more than 27% this The post Crypto Whales Abruptly Accumulate Ethereum-Based Altcoin Sending Volume to Highest Level in 22 Months: Santiment appeared first on The Daily Hodl . read more

Bullish Outlook: Target Price Of $90,000 For Bitcoin By Year’s End, According To Bernstein

Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency in the market, has experienced price volatility amid its struggle to consolidate above the crucial $70,000 resistance line. Recent reports of the collapsed Mt.Gox exchange processing payouts to its creditors have added to the cautious sentiment. However, wealth management firm Bernstein remains bullish, predicting significant growth in the Bitcoin ETF market and projecting higher price targets for BTC. In addition, The Birb Nest’s technical analysis reinforces market optimism, highlighting key support levels and indicating positive sentiment. Long-Term Bullish Outlook For Bitcoin Despite its recent inability to breach the $70,000 resistance level, Bitcoin remains well-positioned to surpass its all-time high of $73,700 reached on March 14. Wealth management firm Bernstein predicts substantial growth in the Bitcoin ETF market, estimating it to reach a remarkable $450 billion. Related Reading: Why The Bitcoin Halving Is Not Priced In And What’s Next: Expert The report also suggests that over $100 billion will flow into crypto ETFs within two years. Notably, these inflows into the ETF market are expected to be a significant price catalyst for BTC. The firm predicts a target price of $90,000 for Bitcoin by the end of this year and a projected cycle high of $150,000 in 2025. On the other hand, The Birb Nest, a trading firm, conducted a comprehensive technical analysis of the Bitcoin market and highlighted its share of bullish indicators for the Bitcoin price in the long run. Bullish Indicators Reinforce Market Optimism The analysis conducted by The Birb Nest shows that the 50-week and 200-week simple moving averages (SMAs) are at $43,950 and $35,358, respectively, reinforcing optimism in the market. In addition, the 7-week SPX correlation coefficient is currently at 0.36, which is a bullish sign for BTC. The 200-day Bitcoin Production Cost (BPRO) trend support is $62,580, while the 200-day SMA support is $53,516. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 59, indicating increased buying interest, although the 50-day Momentum is stalled at 49. Related Reading: Polkadot (DOT) Price Prediction: Analyst Sparks Bullish Frenzy With $10 Target The Fear & Greed Index stands at 74, indicating “greed” and strong market optimism. However, according to the firm, caution is advised to avoid potential overextensions. However, The Birb Nest notes that the Net Unrealized Profit and Loss (NUPL) indicator stands at 0.57, suggesting that a significant portion of the market is currently profitable, which could lead to increased selling pressure as investors capitalize on profits. Currently, BTC is trading at $67,900, down 3% from Monday’s price and over 3% in the past seven days, showing the cryptocurrency’s struggle to break above higher resistance levels, which are located at $69,500 and $70,000 on the BTC/USD daily chart. Conversely, bulls must hold the next support levels for BTC at $67,000, $66,500, and $63,800 to avoid a potential loss of the cryptocurrency’s key $60,000 milestone. Featured image from Shutterstock, chart from TradingView.com read more

BlockDAG’s Presale Hits $34.7M Amid Viral Keynote Buzz, Surpassing Ethereum Price Rally and Polkadot Funding

The SEC’s recent approval of the first spot Ethereum ETF sparked an Ethereum price rally. However, a potential rejection could dampen this momentum. Meanwhile, Polimec has introduced a decentralized funding protocol to democratize early-stage funding for Polkadot ecosystem projects. In contrast, BlockDAG’s presale, currently in Batch 15, has amassed $34.7 million, significantly boosted by a The post BlockDAG’s Presale Hits $34.7M Amid Viral Keynote Buzz, Surpassing Ethereum Price Rally and Polkadot Funding appeared first on Live Bitcoin News . read more

BlockDAG Targets $20 by 2027, Outpacing SHIB and Immutable X with Enhanced Dashboard

While SHIB battles to regain its peak valuation amid a flood of sell-offs, Immutable X is making headway by merging blockchain with digital entertainment and forging significant partnerships. Amidst these trends, BlockDAG stands out as a top contender, reshaping investment strategies with its sophisticated real-time analytics dashboard. With a notable $32.7 million already secured in its The post BlockDAG Targets $20 by 2027, Outpacing SHIB and Immutable X with Enhanced Dashboard appeared first on Times Tabloid - Latest Cryptocurrency News, Bitcoin (BTC) News, Ethereum (ETH) News, Shiba Inu (SHIB) News, Ripple's XRP News . read more

BlockDAG Dominates Over Toncoin: A Look at Price Targets and Emerging Developments

BlockDAG’s Keynote Highlights Unprecedented 30,000x ROI, Surpassing Toncoin Price Target as Render Goes Bearish While the Toncoin price target remains robust, buoyed by an increase in Total Value Locked (TVL) and a growing user community, Render’s price might face a downturn due to unfavourable market indicators. In this landscape, BlockDAG read more